With AlignedWorks, you can make venture talent investments direct your optimized talent plus discretionary time)  to invest in ventures while experiencing so that work is both deeply satisfying and has the potential of being abundantly fruitful. You will thrive when you match your optimized talent with highly engaging work. While the what will look different for each talent investor, AlignedWorks will work with you to align your optimized talent with others to generate strong returns while solving significant human problem.

Invest Your Talent Package

Once you have discovered your unique and unreproducible talent package, you can align yourself to our ventures that will keep you fully motivated  and engage your skills, experience and desire to learn. You will join high-trust, high capability teams where people spend more of their time doing work they want to do and do well.

Maximize Impact

Make a difference with your limited discretionary time. Our ventures align with the community’s mission of building enterprises that pursue maximum combined social, environmental, and economic value. Allocate your investments toward ventures that maximize your impact for people and causes that matter to you.

See a Return

As you invest your time, talents, and financial capital in our ventures, you will be able to grow your share of AlignedWorks’ equity in each of those ventures. Should the venture grow profitable, you will be able to share in its commercial success.