Leverage our community to get your idea off the ground. Entrepreneurs like you have great ideas with a missional compnent. In some environments, investment of talent or financial may mean compromising values. But accelerating your project or venture with AlignedWorks means you can attract that investment without losing focus of your mission.

Become an Entrepreneur

Each member of the Venture Talent Investors is encouraged to submit an idea for an AlignedWorks project. Engineers with no business experience, marketers with no software experience, and programmers with no financial experience are able to leverage the community to bring around them a high-trust, high-capability team that will help them scale any fledgling idea.

Accelerate Your Venture

Armed with the full gamut of skills and experience, our Venture Talent Investors can provide the program and investment management support you need to build a mission-oriented venture. Learn more about the AlignedWorks philosophy and whether your venture aligns with the mission of our community

Share the Adventure and the Risk

By sharing equity with us, you won’t have to put in money up front to access the broad array of resources provided by our Venture Talent Investors. Additionally, your venture can provide an opportunity for others to invest financial capital for an even greater share of equity.

(When AlignedWorks’ Talent Investors invest in your idea, they are sharing with you the risk with you to determine whether your business scenario has sufficient probability of becoming the enterprise you envision)