Finding meaningful work – whether it be a professional career, collaborative teams, commercial enterprises, or volunteer projects – must first start with understanding yourself. AlignedWorks Learning provides a pathway for talent optimization. We define talent as your unique and unreproducible convergence of core motivations (why you show up), strengths, knowledge, and skills. Optimizing this talent package means identifying, qualifying and quantifying, refining, focusing, cultivating, developing, and making visible the full value of what you bring to the table.

Discover Your Talent Package

Each of us is created with a unique and unreproducible talent package: our core motivations, strengths, knowledge, and skills. Employ the Talent Optimization Path to identify and then optimize this talent package for more clarity at work or within a volunteer organization. Additionally, as a  Venture Talent Investor, you will be able to work with others who are optimizing their talent on high-trust, high-capability teams.

Develop And Grow

Along your path to optimized talent you will identify knowledge and skills that you want to build, even if you’re not yet an expert level. On the AlignedWorks Learning platform you will find webinars, modules, mentors, and other resources that will help you develop and grow your knowledge and skills. Practice these as you learn on a venture as a Venture Talent Investor.

Share Knowledge

Members of the community are always seeking to learn new things. Share your knowledge on the AlignedWorks Learning platform and mentor others in their careers. Build a legacy by sharing your motivations, abilities, experiences, and relationships with people who will make the most of them for communities and causes that matter to you.

Optimized Talent

AlignedWorks thinks of talent as the unique and unreproducible convergence of core motivations, strengths, knowledge and skills. Optimized Talent is talent that is being intentionally enhanced and made visible and accessible to others through evidence-based assessments and a portfolio of deliverables and experience.

Members of the AlignedWorks Learning community share a commitment to optimize (identify, qualify/quantify, refine, focus, cultivate, develop and make visible) their Talent. Working with members of the AlignedWorks Learning team, they generate and display their unique

  • Pattern of motivations, strengths, and skills
  • Portfolio of knowledge, deliverables and experiences
  • Path to develop/leverage talent; build confidence in the unique contributions they can make to collaborative work through their unreproducible design.

AlignedWorks Learning provides learning resources to people who want to bring the full value of their talent to their professional work, collaborative teams, commercial enterprises, and volunteer projects. Whether in their work for employers or in their contributions of discretionary time to entrepreneurial and/or missional projects, our goal is to help members of the community optimize their talent.

Talent Optimization Path

In consultation with the AlignedWorks team, members of the Venture Talent Community advance along their Talent Optimization Path of defined six milestones.

  • Milestone 1: Why do you “show up”? – MCORE
  • Milestone 2: What happens when you show up? – StrengthsFinder
  • Milestone 3  What do you bring  when you show up? – Knowledge / Skill
  • Milestone 4: What do people see when you show up? Personal Brand Promise
  • Milestone 5: What about your Brand Portfolio demonstrates your Brand Promise?
  • Milestone 6: What is your Path to Optimization?

Venture Talent

When membes of the AlignedWorks Learning Community provide access to their Optimized Talent by expending time to work with AlignedWorks Venture Teams, they make a Venture Talent Investment (Optimized Talent + Discretionary Time = Venture Talent Investment).

Venture Talent Alignment

When Venture Talent is tightly aligned around commercial and missional ventures, shared Human Capital (Optimized Talent that meets the specific requirements of the venture) and Social Capital (a Venture Team’s cohesion, trust and, capacity for collaborative action) is created.  Rigorous alignment increases the probability of strong returns on human, social and financial capital.